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This a list of items that I'm thinking about, working on, dreaming about etc. You can also see other stray thoughts and musings here on my blog which is intermittently updated.

Local wireless community: I'm currently in the early stages of setting up a community based wireless network for the Deal area linking into this initiative. It's being run on a shoe-string but we're keen to trumpet the benefits of such work and what may accrue therefrom to our local community.

And how long before we all take laptops to the pub as well as a debit card and/or cash? And this map may be useful in locating a hot-spot close to you.

A move to Spain: planning a move to a small sun-flower farm about an hour outside Seville. And thereafter, regular visits to one of my favourite buildings in the world, the Sagrada Familia in the heart of the most beautiful city, Barcelona, by Antonin Gaudi.

Staying in love with the lady of my dreams: Unfortunately, no 'photos are being approved at the moment..